Karing Kind Boulder Dispensary Interior

Boulder’s First Recreational Facility


Karing Kind Boulder First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

(from the Karing Kind archives)

BOULDER, Colo. — After months of planning, one former medical marijuana dispensary is expected to re-open Tuesday as Boulder’s first recreational facility.

Karing Kind will likely re-open on Tuesday after it receives a state approved license to transform their store from medicinal to recreational marijuana. The facility, which has been working towards legalization for years, is expected to service dozens of customers on the first day.

In January, several Denver dispensaries reported long lines and supply shortages in the wake of legalization. The Boulder facility is expected to cater to anyone twenty-one and up and will sell several different strains of the cannabis plant.

Several other recreational facilities outside of Denver were expected to be established by January, but paperwork and financial delays have kept almost all dispensaries inside the Denver metropolitan area.

For more information about the Boulder dispensary call them at: 303-449-9333 (WEED)


(Excerpt from About Boulder’s “Billion Dollar Buds- Boulder’s Guide to Cannabis”)
Source: http://aboutboulder.com/blog/10774/

“I sincerely hope you have been following our last two articles in response to Forbes nominating Boulder, CO the best place to start a business.  When talking about growing business and making green, it would be impossible to exclude the Colorado marijuana industry; which is expected to be valued at over ten billion by 2017.  This article is going to highlight a few of the most innovative, successful, and booming marijuana businesses planted right in Boulder County.   The amount of artistic innovation, science, and health consciousness that is going into marijuana and its developing products is unstoppable.  Growers are going organic, glass blowers are producing inside out Chihuly look a likes, and many edibles are both artisan and gluten free.  The Marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing and innovative industries that have bloomed as a result of statewide legalization! The first business I am going to highlight is the first dispensary to offer recreational marijuana in Boulder County.  What a coincidence?  I think not.

Those who are ready to open their doors first are not only pioneers in the Marijuana industry, but Karing Kind represents strong cannabis activism.

Karing Kinds founder and owner Dylan Donaldson is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and gives back to the local community as much as he can. One of his favorite charity’s is the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This dispensary is located at 5854 Rawhide Ct, Boulder, and is one click away https://karingkind.wpengine.com.  Karing Kind has an organic philosophy, offering pesticide free organic marijuana at competitive rates.  Karing Kind also uses cutting edge technology (like co2 extraction) to offer you one of the purest concentrates on the market.  Karing Kind also carries 710/Bolder Extracts labs products, which is well known in the area for putting out some of the best extracts around! Because of Karing Kind’s location, they offer a 10% cheaper tax rate than all the other Boulder dispensaries. In fact, they have the lowest retail marijuana sales tax rate in all of Colorado!…”

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