Blueberry Headband (Strain Review)



THC: typically 18-22%

Effects: calm, energetic, happy, hungry
Flavor: skunky, earthy, lemon-blueberry

Genetics: Blueberry x Headband

A combination of physical and mental effects and THC levels typically around 20% give this tasty strain a balanced, calming yet creative high.

Blueberry Headband Strain Review

This indica-dominant hybrid is one of the most versatile on our shelves, loved by new and veteran cannabis consumers alike. A direct descendant of Blueberry and Headband, it offers a pleasant earthy-lemon, blueberry flavor profile and a balanced high.

A relaxing yet energetic and uplifting high soothes the nerves while fostering a sense of creative euphoria and happiness. And with THC levels typically hovering around 20%, it delivers a complete high without overwhelming newcomers. You may want to pack some eye drops and an extra bottle of water if you’re heading out, though, as some consumers experience cottonmouth and dry eyes after smoking.

The Headband strains have continued to gain popularity in recent years, becoming a regular part of Karing Kind’s strain rotation. And for good reason, with Blueberry Headband being compared to iconic strains like Blue Dream, Glue Ball, and Creamsicle.


With relatively low THC levels (typically around 20%) and a soothing yet uplifting and balanced high, Blueberry Headband is the rare anytime strain: wake and bake with it or enjoy a joint before bed. And because it hits hard without overwhelming, it can be enjoyed by both new and veteran cannabis consumers.

Not Recommended For...

Blueberry Headband is the kind of strain you can enjoy regardless of the time of day or activity you’re participating in. That said, if you want pure energy or sedation, you may prefer a more energetic sativa or sleepy indica.

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