Blue Dream Sativa Strain Karing Kind Boulder Colorado

Blue Dream (Strain Review)

Blue Dream Sativa Strain Karing Kind Boulder Colorado


THC: typically 15-25%, can range up to 30%

Effects: relaxing, uplifting, euphoric, creative
Flavor: sweet, blueberry, flower

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Social and comforting, this sweet blueberry strain is widely considered the Gold Standard by which all others are measured.

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream is like Rocky IV, the 1990s Chicago Bulls, and french fries all rolled into one. It’s an iconic strain recognized around the world and sought after by both new and veteran cannabis consumers.

Part of Karing Kind’s regular rotation, this legendary sativa starts with full-body relaxation that eases into a euphoric, uplifting head high. Social and comforting, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for almost any activity, whether you’re heading out with friends, staying in to read a good book, or throwing on some Grateful Dead and deep cleaning the house.

Frosty nugs with winding orange trichomes carry a sweet, berry aroma. And while this fan-favorite strain offers fast-acting relaxation, it’s both uplifting and social, so you won’t have to worry about losing motivation or becoming couch-locked. 


We always thought Jon Stewart in Half-Baked was a caricature of a stoner. Surely not everything is better “on weed.” But maybe he’s just been smoking Blue Dream, because this gold standard of the cannabis industry really is that good. Going for a hike? Enjoy some Blue Dream. Doing some writing or painting at home? Blue Dream can work for that. Nibbling on pretzels while you stare at the cat? You guessed it… Blue Dream.

Not Recommended For...

We might be biased, but one of the only activities we don’t think is improved with Blue Dream is sleeping.

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