The Best Cannabis Dating Sites for Colorado Residents


Dating is hard. The awkward introduction, awkward conversation, awkward physical contact (or avoidance of physical contact)… it’s just awkward.

And things only get tougher when you reveal you’re a cannabis consumer. While some people will smile and happily split a joint, others will frown and start thinking up excuses to leave. Because no matter how well you’re put together, no matter how professional or successful or funny, and no matter how widely accepted cannabis has become in Colorado, some people see marijuana use as a character flaw.

And it’s that reveal that makes dating so hard for many cannabis consumers. Even after you get through the initial weirdness and start to build a rapport, in the back of your mind you’re wondering how this person will react when you reveal your marijuana use.

Sure, you could bring up cannabis early in the night, but you don’t want to seem too excited about smoking.

What’s a weed lover to do?

As it turns out, there are a variety of cannabis-friendly dating sites that make it easy to meet other pot smokers and 420 friendly partners. And while cannabis dating sites aren’t new, they’ve had a few years to fine-tune their process and gain a larger membership.

That doesn’t mean the date won’t be awkward… but at least it won’t be because of marijuana.

With that, let’s look at 6 of the most popular 420 dating sites you can join today.

My 420 Mate

Whether you’re looking for a date to share a joint or someone who’s accepting of your 420 lifestyle whether or not they smoke, My 420 Mate is one of the largest cannabis dating apps. And while it’s primary focus on dating isn’t right for everyone, it is a refreshing shift for those who are more interested in dating than growing their social network.

With members in all 50 states and over 80 countries, it’s “The #1 Online and Mobile Dating App for 420 Friendly Singles!”

Who’s It For: Consumers looking for a relationship more than a social community.

Price: Free to join, additional charge for app coins/credits

Learn more about My 420 Mate

Date 420 Friendly

Date 420 Friendly may not be the largest cannabis dating site, but it does offer a variety of unique benefits that make it stand above the crowd. From public and private events to posting classified ads and playing single or multiplayer games directly on their website, it’s a great way to meet 420 accepting friends, peers, and potential partners with less pressures than you’d find on the typical dating site.

Who’s It For: Social cannabis consumers looking for events, games, and a better way to meet people accepting of the 420 lifestyle.

Price: Free to join, affordable monthly or annual plans, premium upgrades

Learn more about Date 420 Friendly

1906 Love Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Highly Devoted

Highly Devoted offers a more catered dating experience for cannabis consumers. More of a matchmaking site than your typical dating website, the staff at Highly Devoted caters to “smart, passionate, sophisticated cannabis consumers.” From their personalized services to social cannabis consumption mixers and date coaching, there’s something here for everyone. Just fill out a form and leave the screening to a team of professionals who have provided matchmaking services both in and out of the cannabis community.

Whether you’re looking for love, friendship, or professional contacts who embrace cannabis use, Highly Devoted is the efficient way to build a connection.

Who’s It For: Higher end consumers looking for personalized matchmaking services you can’t find anywhere else.

Price: Free consultation with a quote provided depending on your

Learn more about Highly Devoted

High There!

Not strictly a dating site, High There! is a social media platform where cannabis enthusiasts can meet, chat, and meet up “without the stigma found in audiences on most social media platforms.”

As seen in publications like Chicago Tribune, Mashable, Business Insider, Forbes, and USA Today, High There! has become one of the most popular 420 friendly social and dating sites online.

Who’s It For: Cannabis consumers who want the largest user database of like-minded individuals looking for friendship or love.

Price: Free

Learn more about High There!

420 Singles

While 420 Singles bills itself as a “niche dating site for cannabis consumers.” Like many other cannabis dating sites, 420 Singles offers opportunities to single individuals looking to find a community of friends and enthusiasts as well as serious partnership.

420 Singles> offers an app and desktop version, and each operates on a separate database. Join one, or sign up for both to “double your chances!”

Who’s It For: Single cannabis consumers looking for partnership or location and interest-specific groups to meet up and share a bowl or edible.

Price: Free (with premium capabilities)

Learn more about 420 Singles


While OkCupid isn’t a dedicated cannabis dating site, it is one of the largest online dating sites out there, and their algorithm helps you meet potential matches that share your interests. And the ability to search for specific terms like “cannabis” or “420” makes it easy to narrow your list of potential matches and find someone special.

Who’s It For: Looking for a wider dating pool (serious or casual) and you don’t mind revealing your cannabis use to other non-smoking users who may see your profile.

Price: Free to use, paid upgrades

Learn more about OkCupid

While these sites make it easier to meet someone online, dating can still be a challenge. So here are a few tips for how to stand out from the crowd and have a more successful online dating experience.

  • Be honest in your profile. Many people will be able to tell if you’re stretching the truth (or outright lying), and you’ll eventually need to open up and be honest with your matches if you want the relationship to grow. Besides, the best way to find someone who likes you for you is to be… you.
  • Don’t overshare. While you want to be honest, you also want to paint yourself in the best light. Some information is better shared in person or after getting to know someone. For example, I love snacking in bed, but I don’t want that to be the first thing people learn about me.
  • Use a clear, recent photo. Again, you want to show yourself at your best, but you don’t want to be dishonest. If a photo isn’t clear or doesn’t show your face, you aren’t likely to get as many matches. And if a photo doesn’t accurately show you as you are now, that will eventually come out when you meet a match in person.
  • Stay safe. Don’t share personal information, and only meet up with new contacts in a public place. Let a friend or family member know who you’re meeting, when, and where. And if someone is overly insistent or pushy that you meet them somewhere private, it’s best you avoid meeting with them at all… no matter how good they might look in their profile pic.
  • Don’t Facebook stalk. As tempting as it may be, digging into someone’s Facebook profile can do more harm than good. If a match didn’t share information in their profile, it was probably for a reason. Let them share more about themselves in their own time.
  • Don’t force it. If someone says in their profile they’re looking for friendship, don’t expect things to turn serious. And if they are looking for a serious relationship, don’t let that intimidate you into over committing or over communicating. Just have fun meeting new people, and remember how dope you are.

Have Fun. Meet People. Get High.

The most important rule of online dating–whether your a cannabis enthusiast, a medicinal marijuana user, or just someone who is accepting of the 420 lifestyle–is to have fun and be yourself. Finding a match isn’t about fitting a mold… it’s about finding someone whose weirdness match your own, so you can fall into mutual weirdness.

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