Alcohol or Marijuana? One in Four Beer Drinkers is Making the Change to Cannabis

Throughout history, certain questions have divided our species. Is there a god? Is Keanu Reeves a good actor? Is alcohol or marijuana better? We may never know the answer to the first two questions. But, thanks to a study of 40,000 individual participants by Cannabiz Consumer Group (C2G), we’re closer than ever to knowing whether the nation prefers beer or weed.

How Many People Drink / Smoke?

In 2016, there were nearly 25 million legal cannabis consumers, or about 8 percent of the U.S. population. That may seem like a paltry number when compared to the 65 percent of Americans who consume alcohol. But, 27 percent of beer drinkers said they have already switched from beer to pot, or that they would if marijuana was legal in their state. And, as more and more states legalize marijuana, C2G projects marijuana is on pace to become a $50 billion industry – putting it in the same league as beer and wine at the national level.

How Will the Shift from Beer to Weed Impact the Alcohol Industry?

Marijuana is poised to keep growing, and C2G estimates that the beer industry would lose more than $2 billion in sales if cannabis were legalized nationwide. But, that doesn’t mean the beer and cannabis industries have to be competitors, at least not in every setting. Just as beer, liquor, and wine have learned to live side-by-side, there is opportunity for alcohol brands and providers to offset expected losses and even grow with marijuana. And, while $2 billion seems like an extreme loss, that actually represents only 2 percent of the $100 billion industry.

Many business owners have stopped thinking about national legalization as improbable and started planning as though it were inevitable. And, with social marijuana making its way to many Denver bars and restaurants, it seems like only a matter of time before we’re ordering from drink menus with notes about what pairs better with a sativa: IPA or stout? Merlot or cabernet?

But Isn’t Weed Just a Novelty for Beer Drinkers?

Novelty is certainly a factor when any new product is introduced, and there is reason to believe that some beer drinkers will try marijuana without any noticeable reduction in the amount of alcohol they buy or drink. But, the shift to weed is expected to be more substantial and long-term for many consumers. Just as the craft and home-brewing markets sparked an interest in beer consumers, the legalization of marijuana ignited an interest and dedication among its consumers and business owners that has only continued to grow in legal states. As such, many beer drinkers who make the change to cannabis are expected to stick with it, trying new strains and edibles instead of lagers and ales.

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