5 Steps to Wow the Marijuana Lover In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you haven’t shopped yet. Or you went shopping and came back with something that now feels more ‘meh’ than amazing. Or you bought chocolates and roses then ate the chocolates and smooshed the roses.

Either way, you’re now on a marijuana dispensary’s website looking for fast, easy Valentine’s Day ideas for your cannabis-loving lover.

Last year we offered up 10 tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day—making your own weed rose, filling a box of chocolates with nugs of your partner’s favorite strains, blowing smoke hearts. But a great idea is just the cake. To add the icing that makes Valentine’s Day with weed extra special, you need to focus on delivery. Always remember: If you give a rose to a loved one, you’re romantic. If you throw a loved one into a rose bush—regardless of how many roses are on the bush—you’re a jerk.

Step 1: Start the Day on the Right Foot

If you want your loved one to feel special, make their day feel special. That means doing something early. It doesn’t have to be a huge gift or grand gesture (though those can work).

Here are a few simple ways you can set the tone for the day—all before breakfast.

  • Have a fully packed bowl or ready-made joint on the nightstand (with a lighter) so they can smoke in bed. Make them breakfast in bed to turn this tip up to 11.
  • Throw their towel in the dryer while they shower so it’s nice and warm when they’re done (just don’t forget to give it back to them!)
  • Wait until after they finish their morning routine to poop so the bathroom doesn’t stink while they’re showering or brushing their teeth.
  • Make or order their favorite coffee (or tea, shake, etc.)
  • Leave a romantic note or send a message they’ll receive when they wake up. It doesn’t have to be fancy (even a short email is fine). Just let them know you’re excited to see them and celebrate with them.

You can go bigger, but—as we’ve already established—you’re reading a weed blog for Valentine’s Day ideas—easy prep and execution are top priorities.

Step 2: Save the Work 

Most years, Valentine’s Day is on a workday. And work is one of the leading causes of stress.

Help your loved one feel special all day long by sending a small gift or bringing them lunch.

Keep it simple—flowers and candy are usually safe bets. If you’re stopping by for lunch, I recommend planning ahead (or at least sending them a message a bit before you arrive). Part of the fun is the anticipation of a workday break, and it gives them a chance to change plans if they know they’ll be too busy or out of the office.

As a tokeless romantic, I feel it’s my obligation to share a few words of caution when showing up to your partner’s workplace. Not that I don’t trust you to make great decisions. But again, you’re reading a dispensary blog post for Valentine’s Day advice. So…

Don’t expect them to drop everything if you show up unannounced. Remember they’re at work. Even if they want nothing more than to leave with you, they may have a meeting or obligation they can’t get out of. The gesture is sweet, but it becomes immediately less sweet if you follow it up by complaining or sulking.

Don’t show up high. First, it may be a drug-free workplace or building. You’re also representing your partner, and some of the people they work with may frown on being intoxicated during the workday.

Don’t bring weed! I love gifts of weed. LOVE them. But, I don’t want them at the office. Even if my coworkers don’t mind the smell, I’d just want to smoke it all day. I’d go from productive to antsy in under five seconds. And, again, it may be a drug-free workplace or building.

Step 3: Check Your Gift Presentation

An Amazon box is exciting, but it doesn’t say “I love you,” as much as, “Here, this was convenient to order.”

If you don’t have the time to repack the gift, at least wrap the Amazon box with some festive wrapping paper or put it in a gift bag with some tissue paper. If you have some extra time (and the gift you’re giving is marijuana-themed), you can use cannabis ads from local magazines like Rooster as wrapping paper. Of course, this can just look cheap if you don’t put some care into your wrap work.

A great card is almost as important as the gift on Valentine’s Day. Add a short hand-written message to show how much thought you put into the card.

If you can’t think of anything, just copy the following poem into your card and pretend you wrote it. Of course, things might look suspicious if your partner reads this blog.

My Resin for Living

You are the weed
I want to grow –
the flower that I want to know.
You are my bud
and when it rains
I choose you over other strains.
You are the nug
that fills my bowl.
And when we’re joint, my life feels whole.

You are my fire –
the dancing flame –
that warms my lungs and heart the same.

You are my wings.
You help me fly.
(and not just when we’re getting high).

The strength I have
is all from you –
(and also that last hit or two).
I love marijuana,
but with you it’s more thrilling.
I just want to say, you’re my resin for living.

Step 4: Prep for Date Night

Whether you’re going out or staying in for Valentine’s Day, block out a few minutes the day
before to make sure you’re prepared.

  • Do you have enough weed and papers?
  • Is the pipe clean?
  • Do you have snacks and meals prepared?
  • Did you wash your sheets?
  • What music are you going to listen to while getting high (and getting close)?

If you’re starting or staying in, plan a good starter track—something that says, “Hey, I love you. Also let’s get high.” Something like Bowl for Two by The Expendables.

Step 5: Have Fun!

It can be stressful trying to get everything planned for Valentine’s Day. And you won’t have as much fun if you’re worried about getting every detail perfect. You’ve put in the effort (relatively, in any case). Now it’s time to enjoy the night—and a bong rip or two—with your partner.

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