Shopping at Karing Kind


Shopping At Karing Kind, Boulder’s First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Whether you are a new marijuana user, new to Colorado or you are just new to Karing Kind, it can be difficult to know what to expect when shopping for legal weed. The wide selection of strains, concentrates, edibles and other products can be overwhelming, particularly if you don’t shop often. At Karing Kind we offer a welcoming environment and our staff of professional budtenders are happy to help you find the best product and strain for your needs. Instead of sitting in a waiting room with a number, come browse our inventory of potent buds and tasty edibles with an expert by your side.

The Karing Kind Shop

You’ll be greeted warmly as you enter our shop, and we ask that you have your ID ready. We are legally required to check everyone’s ID every time they come into the store, and this helps ensure we can get you in front of our budtenders as quickly as possible. As soon as you walk into our browsing area you can begin reviewing the product we have on hand. If our budtenders are already helping customers, you can sidle up to our other counter and continue to look through the variety of products and merchandise we provide. Or you can always grab the latest issue of Culture and read about the cannabis lifestyle until the shoppers ahead of you have finished.


In addition to our selection of potent flowers, pre-rolled joints, edibles and pure CO2 concentrates, we offer THC infused tinctures and topicals. You can also pick up a grinder, one-hitter, vape pen (disposable vapes now available), bowl, bong and rolling papers – including pure hemp, extra-long Bob Marley leaves. And, because we have the lowest marijuana tax rate in the state, you’ll save enough money to pick up your very own Karing Kind hat or t-shirt.

While we have an ATM on location, it is still always a good idea to bring the cash that you will need to make your purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not currently accept other forms of payment.

Check out the Karing Kind menu when planning your next visit to see what strains we have in stock and get the latest product news and strain reviews from our Weed Feed blog. And our professional budtenders are always available to answer any questions our selection of organically grown strains, clean CO2 concentrates, vape pens and other products.

Buying Marijuana: What You Can And Can’t Do

There are a few dos and don’ts related to the purchase and use of marijuana in Colorado. For starters, you can’t take marijuana you purchase in Colorado out of the state. But we’ve got mountains of legal weed as well as literal mountains; are you sure you want to leave? And while you can smell the strains we have on hand, there are no free samples and you aren’t allowed to enjoy your purchase in or around the shop. We’re selling marijuana, not frozen yogurt.


If you are visiting Colorado or you are a new resident and you don’t have your Colorado ID yet, you can purchase up to one-quarter of an ounce of marijuana at any given time. For those wise enough to live in Colorado, your limit increases to one ounce of marijuana (or about 28 grams). Huzzah! But if you like to mix and match your purchases – possibly including bud, pre-rolled joints and edibles – it can be difficult knowing when you are reaching your limit. If you enjoy mental math, just remember that 100mg of edibles equals 1g of marijuana flower. But the simplest solution, and the one we recommend, is to let our budtenders worry about this for you.

Using the Budtenders

You may worry that shopping at a marijuana dispensary will be too complicated. Do you want edibles or would you rather smoke? What do you want or need to accomplish when you smoke and what sort of high do you prefer? Our experienced budtenders are a bit like sommeliers or cicerones, only easier to talk to and without the contrived job title. They can respond to your marijuana questions and help you find the right product and strain for your needs.

Thanks to Customers Like You, We’re Expanding!

This Fall Karing Kind is doubling the size of our marijuana dispensary in Boulder. While we had initially planned on filling the extra room with a giant Rube Goldberg machine that plugs in a toaster, our accountant advised that would be a giant waste of time. So we are instead focusing on providing a more spacious, comfortable shopping experience for our community of loyal customers and friends of the store.


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Karing Kind is located just off of US-36, just north of Broadway. Open daily, 11a to 7p.


While we carry a variety of marijuana products and merchandise, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Check our menu and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an up-to-date list of edibles, concentrates and buds available now.