Fox Theatre & Boulder Partnership

Info Booth at Show Karing Kind at Fox Theatre

There is nothing like seeing an amazing show at a historic venue. There is a reason bands and fans flock to First Avenue in Minneapolis. And the Greek Theatre in LA was widely recognized as one of the country’s best small outdoor venues long before Jonah Hill and Russell Brand made a movie about it. In a recent poll by Rolling Stone Magazine, Boulder’s own Fox Theatre was voted the 4th best music venue in the nation. And with the nearby and long-standing Boulder Theater bringing shows like Young the Giant, The Floozies, Macy Gray and An Evening with Kevin Smith – not to mention their weekly film series – Boulder residents seem to have won the theater lottery.

And thanks to an exclusive partnership with Fox Theatre and Boulder Theater, you can now find Karing Kind information booths at many of your favorite shows!

Marijuana and Concerts

Music and marijuana go together like waffles and syrup. You may feel relaxed, inspired or euphoric as you let your mind roll with the rhythm of your favorite song or story, and many recreational marijuana users enjoy getting high before seeing a concert, show or movie. But, while marijuana is legal in Colorado, you are not allowed to smoke it inside of the Fox or Boulder venues, and refusal to follow venue rules could result in your being removed from the show. And all concert and show-goers should keep in mind Boulder’s restrictions on public consumption of marijuana in order to avoid any issues on your night out.

So, if you want to experience a show while high, your best option is usually to smoke before you leave your home or apartment – provided you have planned safe and sober transportation. If you are not allowed to smoke in your residence or hotel, or if you know you will want to smoke again while you are at the show, there are a few alternatives you can consider that will allow you to get high without breaking Boulder laws or venue rules.

Consider edibles if your hotel or landlord doesn’t allow smoking in or around your building. But, you should be aware of whether the property owner has only banned smoking or if he/she prohibits the possession of marijuana as part of your lease/rental. Learn more about edibles in the Weed Feed blog.

Feel like you’re out of options as you search for places to legally consume marijuana? If you’re headed to the concert, Irie Tours Colorado provides event bus rentals so you can have a legal, appropriate place to smoke. Instead of worrying about where or when you can smoke again, just pop out of the venue (make sure you are allowed to re-enter first!) and step into your own mobile marijuana lounge.

Be Prepared At Karing Kind

You spent your hard-earned money on tickets to the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford high-end, organic bud and concentrates. Karing Kind is Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, and we offer the lowest sales tax rate in the state, helping you save up to $10-20 over our competitors every time you shop with us. That’s like getting the cost of your Ticketmaster service charge refunded just for buying weed! Flawless victory.

So stop by Karing Kind, browse our new sales floor and be sure to enjoy your night responsibly.

Karing Kind is located just off of US-36, one mile north of Broadway, open daily from 11a to 7p.

While we carry a variety of strains, concentrates and edibles, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Check our menu and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an up-to-date list of edibles, concentrates and buds available now.