Colorado Marijuana Limits: How Much Marijuana Can You Buy in Colorado?

How Much Marijuana Can You Buy in Colorado

How Much Marijuana Can You Buy in Colorado?

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Colorado for nearly three years. But, because marijuana legalization—and the debate about its safe use—is still relatively new, many state and local laws related to the cultivation, sale, marketing and possession of cannabis have already been changed or amended since the passing of Amendment 64. And, changing laws regarding the sale, purchase, possession and use of marijuana may have left you with a few questions about exactly where to buy marijuana, what products are available and how much you can legally purchase.
When marijuana was first legalized, Colorado residents could purchase up to one ounce, or 28 grams, of THC. Tourists were limited to 7 grams. As of June 2016, however, both tourists and residents can purchase up to 28 grams of THC. And, because of the way Colorado marijuana laws have been written, consumers can choose buy concentrates and edibles in the same quantities as their bud, provided the total doesn’t go over the specified 28 grams.
But, over the past few years, the Marijuana Enforcement Division has performed a number of studies to determine the equivalent levels of THC in concentrates and edibles. The idea is that, since some products contain significantly higher levels of THC and can have a much stronger effect on the user, they should not be grouped with the lower THC marijuana flower when setting purchasing limits. And, starting this Fall, recreational consumers will find new limits in place for the amount of concentrates and edibles they can purchase in a single trip

New Colorado Marijuana Limits Starting In October

Starting October 1st of 2016, adults 21 and older will only be able to purchase up to 8 grams of concentrate or 800mg of edibles in a single trip. Consumers can still buy up to 28 grams, or 1 ounce, of marijuana flower.

8g concentrate = 1 oz flower 800mg edible = 1 oz flower

You will still be able to mix and match flower, edibles and concentrate, but the math can be a bit more complicated. When planning your trip to the dispensary, it can help to remember that 1/8th oz of marijuana flower is equivalent to 1 gram of concentrate or a 100mg edible.

1g concentrate = 1/8th oz flower  100mg edible = 1/8th oz flower

So, if you purchase 2 grams of concentrate and 200mg of edibles, for example, you will only be able to buy ½ ounce of flower. Ask your budtender if you have questions or if you just hate doing math.
The new limits on concentrates and edibles apply to the purchase of recreational marijuana only. Possession laws have not changed and you can still possess up to 28 grams of THC, including edibles and concentrates.

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